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Welcome to Okaya! Get ready to revolutionize mental health with our easy-to-use API.

Getting Started

4 steps to get things working

Follow these four steps to get things running with the Okaya API in no time.

  1. Get your invitation code: Reach out to us and we'll get you sorted to get your unique code for the creation of your account.
  2. Create your Account: Sign up here to access to our API.
  3. Integration: Integrate the Okaya API into your project with ease.
  4. Make Your First Call: Make sure your key is working.

Create your first checkin

To create your first check-in you will need to follow these two steps:

  1. Create a group
  2. Create your checkin

Not that the preferred method to receive a session result is through a webhook as it can take a few minutes for the result to become available. You can still use the API if you would like.

Code Samples

Jump straight into coding with our ready-to-use code samples in various languages.

Developer Community

Join our developer community to share insights, ask questions, and connect with other professionals.

  • Discord Developer Forum: Where the Okaya community gathers for discussions, tips, best practices and support to integrate our API into your product.