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Okaya API

Securely identify wellbeing issues with Okaya's API, using computer vision and voice analysis, contextual data, and longitudinal analysis while staying HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant.

Easy to Use

Wellbeing Simplified

Revitalize your app's wellness capabilities with Okaya's API: effortlessly pinpoint potential wellbeing issues with unmatched precision and security, preventing them from escalating.

Focus on What Matters

Seamless Integration

Jumpstart your Okaya journey with just a few lines of code. Our white-labeled solution ensures a smooth, hassle-free integration into your existing systems, whether through our robust API or standalone plugin.

Powered by React

Powerful Insights

Save valuable development time with Okaya's API, harnessing computer vision and voice analysis for precise mental health diagnostics. Effortlessly analyze non-verbal communication and data, delivering accurate insights faster.